Development Transactions Closed

I have brokered land deals all the way through to the final sales of condominiums and townhouses.  I have helped get developments approved through various municipalities.  I have attended many public meetings to help get my clients development approved.  Due to my experience in pricing the finished product my firm has managed pre-sales for several developments.  The following are just a sampling of the transactions completed in recent years.

“I can help any developer bring their dream into reality.”


Clearwater Centre Condos | Clearwater, FL | $31,000,000Highland Village | Clearwater, FL | $10,800,000
Clearwater Centre Condos Clearwater FLHighland Village Clearwater FL
Laura Street Town Homes | Clearwater, FL | $4,050,000Mediterranean Village Town Homes | Clearwater, FL | $3,375,000
Laura Street Town Homes Clearwater FLMediterranean Village Town Homes Clearwater FL
Ewing Place | Clearwater, FL | $2,850,000Country Club Townhouses | Clearwater, FL | $3,600,000
Ewing Place Clearwater FLCountry Club Townhouses Clearwater FL