Investing in Rental Houses?

Investment in rental houses has become prolific these days.  It started with large hedge funds buying tens of thousands of empty-foreclosed-homes from the banks.  They were getting these houses for around twenty cents on the dollar. After attempting to turn these properties into rental-backed securities (they just can’t control themselves) these large hedge funds decided it did not work. They were sending out their prospectus to investors with wonderful claims of seven percent annual returns …

Multi-Family: It’s a stampede!

 Cash is pouring into the commercial market from overseas from investors that are desperate to get their money out of their failing economies and it’s not just multi-family.  Strip Malls are the next flavor of the day, where there is no listing price necessary.  “All offers due by ……”    This is so similar to the lead up to the last crash in Commercial Real Estate (CRE.)